Truck & Trailer Rental

We make Moving Easier’s utility vehicles comes with many handy features which will make you move easier with less efforts. Low deck and wide ramps allow easy loading while gentle-ride stabilized suspension ensures smooth ride and so safety of your goods. And of-course the fuel economy gauge ensures not much drainage from the pocket.

Why you should rent our trucks and trailers?

Easy to Load – Low decks allow families and businesses to load right from their house or office space. It doesn’t require loading dock.

Most spacious – Our 26’ rental truck is 13% larger than our nearest competitor. Our exclusive extra space above the cab helps to protect fragile items by keeping separate from other goods.

Your goods is in safest place – Specially designed high-tech gentle-ride suspensions ensures smooth ride and protect your goods.

Towing capability – Our all trucks allow towing so in case If you need extra space, you don’t need to rent another truck, you can attach our any small trailer which reduces cost considerably.

We Guarantee Highest level of safety features

High Visibility – cabs and mirrors are designed for comfort to everyone, no matter you are tall of short.

Well Maintained – we clean the vehicle and check the technical aspects like oil and tyres after every trip.

Air Bags & Seat belts – all trucks are equipped with driver-side air bags while some of them also come with passenger side air bags also.

Damage Coverage – we offers damage coverage options to relieve you of financial responsibility for any damage.

24/7 Roadside Assistance – We maintain our vehicles so they never broke down in-between, but if still it does, no worries you can call us 24/7 for roadside assistance.

Yes we know, Cost matters most

And last but not the least, lowest cost. Our trucks equipped with efficient engines which provides better fuel economy with good carrying capacity. Even our trailers are aerodynamic, lightweight and low profile for better mileage. We try our best to save $$$ as it’s important for all.

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