Military Moves

Moving Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard Services.

Each year, about 225,000 Department of Defence and US coastguard household good shipments are slated for movement during the summer months.

Military life means a life with regular moves. You, and possibly your family, are committed to being where you are needed most, rather than what suits you most, in order to serve a very honourable cause. You are probably used to being light of foot, and expect to get to your next destination with minimal fuss and as quickly as possible. We appreciate your role as a military employee and aim to help make your military move as easy and as simple as possible for you. We ensure all of our military clients get the VIP service they deserve.

Peak moving season starts from May to August. Most of them choose time between Memorial Day and July 4th which is best for moving. Though, we are committed to best services on any day of the year to our military personnel as we take proud of them.

Few nice words from a military man means a lot more for us.

If you don’t have direct delivery address for your personal property, don’t worry we offer storage services also. Get 3 months of safe and secure storage facilities with the moving.

We stomp the competition. Get the best prices from our price guarantee department.

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