Choosing A Mover

We are so confident about the quality of service we provide, that we actually welcome you to research and other companies.


One of the best ways to start researching a company is by asking your friends, family members and even neighbors or supers, who moved them. How was their experience with the company and the movers themselves? Were they expensive? Did Pricing change? And from there you can go online to search for reviews.

Be specific about the details.

When it comes to moving, there are a lot of details that come into play. Make sure the moving company you are looking into asks plenty of questions. The more they know about your move, the better prepared the movers will be.

Will they send a representative to your home?

The Moving Coordinator often needs to view your household contents to accurately assess your moving cost. Moving companies base their fees on several factors: weight, volume, number of rooms, degree of difficulty involved, and the time and labor the move will require. An in-home visit can help the Moving Coordinator accurately assess the situation.

You get what you paid for…

When it comes to comparing prices, keep in mind to always compare the services being offered as well. Estimates can be hourly, where the amount of items can alter the amount of hours being charged, or binding (all-inclusive) which is a rate based on the inventory given. Whichever way you choose to go, be sure that the price is guaranteed to you in writing, so there is no chance of the quoted price increasing on your move date.

Who are they?

Make sure the company you choose to move with is “real”. Do they have a physical address? Are they licensed and insured? Some of these so called moving companies are only brokers booking your move and selling it off in order to make a profit. Be sure to ask for a DOT (Department of Transportation) number. Most cut-rate companies don’t have the licenses required by law that protect the customers from fraud.

Trust and Training.

Didn’t mom always tell you to trust your instinct? Well, she was right! First impressions do mean a lot. How were you treated on the phone? Where they courteous and professional? Would you feel comfortable trusting them with your belongings? Ask them if their movers are trained and what kind of training they go through. After all, you are allowing them into your home to move your prized possessions and you don’t want just any random person off the street who has never seen furniture properly wrapped and moved!

Further information is available at an excellent website maintained by the U.S. Department of Transportation at:

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